Decision by Design by The Ludic Group

The Ludic Group specialises in design thinking by bringing together the analytical and the artistic into a transformational process that seeks to foster solutions for complex problems, relying heavily on visualisation techniques and participation of key stakeholders.

Basically, get all the high level important people in a really cool hi-tech and cushy room for a few days and throw their mobile phones into a huge bucket of water and don't let them leave until they solve the problem that none of them had the brain space or political acumen to sort out in a conventional way on their own. Throw in some actors (yes, real actors), some illustrators and some moderators who know what they're doing and you have a truly ground breaking event that produces a potentially innovative solution or idea .

Big Version
When it works - and it doesn't always - it's a fantastic bonding experience both among the stakeholders themselves and also between the client and the customer.  Since the goal is to exit the session with an outcome to a problem, these events can be great both for forming relationships at the highest level of a company and for becoming a fountain of new business if we can meet the challenge of the innovative outcome.

A full on "serious" event might run over two to three days in either a special facility or in any room that is adapted for the event.  The production (which is really what the event is) includes a moderator, actors, artists, catering, props, filming, editing: you get the idea.

Small Version
On the other hand, a "light" version can involve a specially trained illustrator creating story boards for presentations. This unusual and unique presentation approach might even entail the same illustrator acting as scribe to bring to life an unfolding storyline during the actual presentation itself.  A fantastic idea to stand apart from the competition during Q&A sessions of large and complex proposals.

Relevant Areas
Any business sector.  Especially useful for engaging a business very high in the value chain and for forging close business relationships.

Innovation Scale: 3/3
The idea itself has been around for years, pioneered some time ago by another consultancy group.  However, the process itself is one that can produce innovation in its own right.