The Clock by Christian Marclay

Photo credit: The Clock by Christian Marclay 2010, © The Artist. Courtesy White Cube
The Clock, features thousands of film fragments from hundreds of films of clocks, watches, and actors reacting to a particular time of day. These scenes are edited together to create a single continuous 24 hour-long video synchronised to the actual time of day so that the film always conveys the real correct time. With each new clip a new narrative is suggested, only to be swiftly overtaken by another. The world of fiction is linked to fact as real-time seconds fly by.

The scenes in which we see clocks or hear chimes tend to be either transitional ones suggesting the passage of time or suspenseful ones building up to dramatic action.

The Opportunity
Alas, if there's no commercial value why are we talking about this. So, how about this: link the skill of the artist and the technical consultant to create a unique concept in marketing. The Clock, for example, could be the intro company website page of Seiko or Bulova. Just an idea.

Technical consultant: Mick Grierson