HyperGlance from Real Status

HyperGlance is a modelling tool that dynamically visualises performance metrics and metadata of the complete ICT infrastructure in 3-D. It interfaces with the CMDB, a host of discovery tools (network, applications, virtual and physical servers) and simulation tools. It is built on gaming technology and as such offers an ability to understand a technology environment unlike any other tool available on the market today.

Value Add: Conventional vs Unique View
The conventional view of where this might add value is as a management tool in a data centre or command centre.

The real value, however, is where HyperGlance gives a business view of the entire ICT infrastructure. It is simple to understand and easy to grasp yet still provides a fully accurate and comprehensive view of very complex environments.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words - especially a moving 3-D dynamically adjusting real time picture that you enter and navigate like a game of Halo - HyperGlance helps facilitate a consultative approach at a business level that enables fast and easily understood demonstrations to C-level executives early in an engagement in ways that far exceed what is possible with conventional topology tools.  See video.

It allows everyone to see the same accurate model of an environment and visualisation of the relevant data at the same time, so it provides vital context when taking operational decisions that span multiple areas of expertise and disciplines (servers, storage, VMs, networks, security, applications, etc.).

Real Status is owned and funded by two parent companies, Intergence Systems & Geomerics, and also supported by £555k in grants from the Technology Strategy Board (UK Government).

Innovation Rating: 3/3
This product is unique at the moment in the technology infrastructure space, though this could change as there are similar 3-D visualisation tools in BI and even in open source. Nonetheless, the gaming engine technology on which this application resides is still unique.

Relevant Domains
This is a service line tool that spans multiple business sectors. It's greatest greater value will be where demonstrating the requirement, or not, for business level transformational change, especially where analysing and understanding any large and complex ICT environment.