How cloud technology is helping launch start-ups

New and exciting innovations in technology mean that running a secure and flexible office and marketing yourself and your business has never been simpler or more affordable. New start-up businesses and professionals can now easily take advantage of centralised computing resources via the internet and a smart phone.

Improved Marketing and Branding
Professionals and small businesses entry point to marketing and conducting their business is a website or blog, a branded e-mail address, a landline number with call divert and voice mail, an answering service and a smart phone.

Website - Many domain name and website providers such as Blogger, Google Sites and TypePad offer inexpensive and easy to use tools and templates to help you create professional and good looking websites and blogs that you can be easily edited and updated.

E-mail & domain name – Register to get a personalised and branded e-mail address from a domain name provider such as Go Daddy, 123Reg or Easily. This allows you to also use the domain for your web site address.

A landline number with voice mail and call forwarding can increase your call volume and flexibility, even if you work mostly from your mobile phone. A telephone answering service like Moneypenny, Answer or Frontline can improve your effectiveness by seamlessly answering calls. What’s more, you can turn this service off and on, so you only pay for what you use.

Easier Access Data and Greater Security
With today’s technology you can now have all your important data fully safe and secure without the hassle of running backups or configuring disk drives or even risking losing memory sticks. Your data can be accessed from anywhere with internet access and the software is automatically upgraded so that you don't have to worry about set-up and compatibility issues.

File hosting and storage services such as Dropbox, Google Apps, Zoho and Livedrive offer secure centralisation of your e-mail, calendars, contacts and documents. These services work from any internet connected PC or smart phone, allowing you to be responsive wherever you are. They can be simple and easy to use and offer virus-free storage with automatic backups, keeping you in control and giving you complete peace of mind.

Access anywhere - All you need is internet access and you can have all your important data right at your fingertips. This applies to landline telephones too. With a modern telephone system you can receive and make local tariff calls from anywhere.

Improve communication - A smart phone or netbook allows you access to centralised computing resources via the internet allowing you to take advantage of information ‘clouds’. Giving you access to your hosted e-mails, calendar, contacts and documents.

Affordable, Enjoyable and Easy to Use
You no longer have to purchase the latest PC's with the latest office suites. It’s now easier than ever to utilise your existing PC and then only select and pay for the services that you require. Upgrades and backups are done remotely, making it secure, easy and flexible for working.

The benefits can be impressive. Cloud computing is giving individuals (not just companies and corporates) the freedom to work anywhere, have full control over your own information and a new confidence and self-sufficiency with technology and communication. Today's technology is offering very powerful, robust and smart solutions to the new breed of entrepreneurs and start-ups.